See clear signals
on a live chart

5+ live ES signals daily,
multi-point targets,
less wait, more move.

See clear signals
on a live chart

5+ live ES signals daily,
multi-point targets,
less wait, more move.

How viditrade's edge works for you:

viditrade’s edges produce a daily stream of great setups.
learn how they work, or just trade their signals… or both.

vidi Templates

A process of elimination leaves the likelier outcomes. Are you trading the right context?

vidi Windows

Yesterday's setup isn't working today. Trading it during the right window?

vidi Patterns

Price formations and technical indicators draw a path. Are you reading their map?

vidi Fibonaccis

Properly anchor Fibonaccis to work better. Want to avoid entering early, exiting late?

See the vidi difference, with
full, access now... No obligation.

Specific entry/exit prices.

“Excellent analysis and offers not only specific entry/exit prices but the exact conditions that must be met in order to satisfy taking action on those prices. Could not recommend Rod higher!”

Matty S

member since 2015

True charting genius.

“Rod is a true charting genius, rarely wrong in what he shows us. Besides the education I have found the information to be highly profitable.”

Ted F

member since 2014

You are a magician.

“I see it so many times, but to see market stop right at your level for a pullback is just amazing. You are a magician. I cannot tell you how incredible it was to see you talk about that and stay true to your methodology.”

Prakash S

member since 2009

Good working knowledge of market structure.

“I can see you’re a seasoned veteran with a good working knowledge of market structure based on price action. This type of a market can wipe people out quickly. Thanks for your good analysis to close out profitably a very volatile day.”

Spyros S

member since 2018

Uncannily accurate.

“Rod’s work is uncannily accurate. His explanations and real time analysis has helped me stay on the right side of the markets for many years. I don’t know how I would trade without him. He has paid for himself over and over again.”

A. B.

member since 2008

You will learn.

“Extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and timely. Regardless of your trading experience, you will learn something new.”

Parker S

member since 2020

Relentless predictability!

“Rod’s shorter, medium and longer time frame pattern recognition skills – across all charts -are without compare.”

Nic C

member since 2007

Rod David developed analytical techniques that identify targets and turning points for any liquid stock or market in any time frame, primarily for analyzing S&Ps. A level-2 CMT, Rod has been published or quoted in MarketWatch, Minyanville, CNBC, The New York Times, Trader Daily, Futures Magazine, and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, among others.

"If, Then... Market Timing"
is now viditrade.

  • It’s the same analysis. It’s the same analyst. It’s the format that’s new: Greater emphasis on learning, Easier access to ongoing setups and expectations, More live signals.
  • Focusing on inputs can make the output intuitive. Timing Windows, Fibonaccis, and Patterns are presented visually through the day.
  • The rest comes naturally. And visually, and audibly, especially when you’re logged into the live vidi ROOM.