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Live Day Trading Patterns and Trade Signals from Rod David

Day Trading Patterns by Rod DavidRod David is a Technical Market Strategist and Behavioral Finance Expert with a proven ability to identify profitable trading perspectives and actionable setups in all market environments. He has been in the financial industry for over three decades and has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of trading.

Rod has been published or quoted in several prestigious publications, including MarketWatch, Minyanville, CNBC, The New York Times, Trader Daily, Futures Magazine, and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, among others. His insights on the markets are highly sought after by traders and investors alike, and he is known for his ability to provide clear and concise analysis of complex market movements.

In addition to his work as a market strategist, Rod has produced and hosted an ongoing series of live interviews with many well-known chartists and technicians. His guests have included some of the most influential figures in the field of technical analysis, including John Bollinger who created Bollinger Bands, Gerald Appel, creator of MACD, Marc Chaikin who created the original Money Flow indicator, George Lane, creator of the Stochastic indicator, Chris Carolan who discovered the Spiral Calendar, and Tom DeMark who is best known for his TD Sequential indicator.

Rod’s success in the financial industry is due in part to his unique approach to analyzing the markets. Thousands of hours spent scanning hundreds of thousands of stock charts have unlocked his eidetic memory for images and forged it with a natural inclination to process data efficiently by organizing it into day trading patterns. His expertise and experience make him a valuable resource for traders and investors looking to make informed decisions in the markets.

Trade with Rod David

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Customer Testimonials

Greg C.

Rod: Thanks for all your help, i continue to amaze myself with the gains and I close out a terrible month for equities with a gain of over 36%, thanks to you and the great charting.

William S.

All I can say it’s been an honour, I use purposely that word, to trade with you. I have learned even so much more the last 12 month than I have learned the last 12 years and it’s not a joke… your way of working and teaching can be definitely classed as a AAA rating.

Robert M.

I have been following Rod David’s advice on the S&P for about 2 years. He gives tremendous insight to the market. His points of influence are spot on.

Nic C.

You do an incredible job and your work is the highest calibre… I use many different tools but if I pare it down to one, no question it would be your service.

Tim S.

I don’t know if you were born with this talent or it’s something you learned, but I have never seen anybody else call the S&P market with the precision you do.


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