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Cultivate a structured and knowledgeable trading approach for success.

Narratives can only tell you what someone else is thinking. And their price reports alone tell you even less. viditrade‘s analysis and signals are organized in a logical, consistent structure. Your subconscious learns by rote when it processes them, while you’re consciously immersed in real-time price action — watching it develop in-line with the analysis and forecast.


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Identify optimal entry and exit points for trades

Setup refers to a specific combination of conditions or indicators that traders use to identify potential trading opportunities. It can involve various techniques such as chart patterns, moving average crossovers, breakouts, trendline breaks, candlestick patterns, and oscillator divergences. Setups are used to determine when to enter or exit trades.


Stock Market Patterns

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Worth waiting for… There is a specific timing window on Friday, whose qualifying exit can signal either extending or reversing substantially before the close.


Stock Market Bias Windows | Day Trading on Viditrade

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Based on the principles that are the core of my methodology. Specific price action at the open can forecast the morning price bias: targets, and price extremes that should hold if tested. A similar setup forms coming out of the noon hour.


Recognize key thresholds of support and resistance

In trading, a window represents a designated timeframe or range of prices that traders monitor for potential trading opportunities. It could be a specific price range or a period of time, such as the opening or closing of the market. Traders utilize windows to analyze price movements, identify levels of support and resistance, gauge market sentiment, and spot patterns or signals

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Detect shifts in trends and gauge prevailing market sentiment

Patterns, such as chart and candlestick patterns, provide valuable insights into potential trading opportunities to analyze formations on price charts to identify trend reversals, trend continuations, and market sentiment. Recognizing types of patterns and interpreting them is essential for new traders to make informed decisions and improve their chances of success.


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The RSIs indicator becoming persistently overbought or oversold is often assumed to be signaling an impending price reversal. This may be correct, eventually, but certain other conditions make the RSI measurement signal the prevailing trend remains very much intact.


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Gaps back to a session’s closing price can be influential without being filled. A psychological proxy forms at the 38.2% and 61.8% Fibonacci retracement between two specific price points representing the gap. RSI behavior accompanying a test can predict whether the proxy’s test will be reversed, or give way. Other properties of the calculation are also very predictive. This is a very frequently seen setup.


Elevate the effectiveness of your trading approach

Incorporating Fibonacci ratios into trading analysis can provide valuable insights into support and resistance levels, trend reversals, confluence with other indicators, and the influence of market psychology. This knowledge can help you make more informed decisions and enhance your trading strategy.

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